How to Put Rubber Bands in Your Goatee

Rubber Bands image by MrGreenBug from

Rubber bands in your goatee are a bold fashion statement that not everyone can pull off. However, if you are one of the lucky few who can, then by all means do so. A rubber-banded goatee keeps your goatee reasonably tidy and also makes it extremely distinct; while a goatee might be reasonably common, a goatee with rubber bands holding it together definitely isn't.

Grow a goatee that extends past your chin. This is not a standard goatee, as most goatees just sit on your chin in a cropped style. To use rubber bands, you must have a long enough goatee to twist into a tail.

Twist the hanging goatee into a ponytail. Hold it this way with one hand.

Put your thumb and forefinger through a rubber band to open it up.

Slide your goatee through the gap you've created.

Twist the rubber band around and slide your goatee through the new opening that is created. This will keep it tight.