How to Prevent Hat Head

How to Prevent Hat Head. Both men and women enjoy sporting the occasional baseball cap or hat. Although the hat may look great while on the person's head, it can cause unattractive hat head when removed. You can take certain steps to help prevent hat hair from occurring.

Check the sizing of the hat. Many hats cause hat hair because they are too small for your head. When you're trying on hats, you should be able to fit your finger between the hat's banding and your head.

Choose hats that don't have a tendency to cause hat head. When you wear heavy hats that weigh down on your head, you'll likely have hat hair. Prevent this by wearing lightweight cotton hats instead.

Keep your hair dry when wearing a hat. If your wet hair dries underneath the hat, you'll end up with frizzy and wild hair after take your hat off.

Prevent static. If you're prone to frizzy hair, then you know you're likely to get messy hair after wearing a hat. Spray frizz controlling hairspray on your hair prior to placing the hat on your head.