How to Prepare Ginger


0:00 My name is Anne Appra and I'm with Catering Tips 101, but I'm really a Mary Anne and this

0:07 is ginger. Ginger. This ugly little root packs a whole lot of flavor. You use it in Asian

0:13 foods, you can use it in marinades, in salad dressings, in a garnish, what have you. It's

0:18 really delicious. I have a tip for you on how to handle ginger, gingerly. I'm using

0:24 a regular teaspoon and I'm going to use the teaspoon to rub off the hard, coarse peel.

0:34 See how simple that is? Just rub it against it. I'm not applying too much pressure but

0:39 enough. OK? You can eyeball about the size of piece that you want to use. About the size

0:47 of your thumb is for your average use. What's nice is ginger keeps for a pretty long time

0:54 as long as you keep it wrapped. So this big chunk of root, I can use for three or four

1:01 dishes. Now I'm going to take my paring knife or in this case my chef's knife and just get

1:08 rid of the very outer pieces. I'm going to cut my ginger much like a piece of garlic

1:17 and I'm going to mince it using my sharp chef's knife. I'm just going to do lots of nice little

1:22 cuts. Now that's very fibrous, so know that that's going to be happening. Going to also

1:27 use my favorite little mezzaluna tool to make sure it gets cut right through cause it's

1:31 stringy and fibrous. Another really lovely tip for ginger is using one of my other favorite

1:42 tools, a little hand grater. So I'm going to take the ginger, I'm going to put it over

1:47 my bowl and I'm just going to just use the hand grater. I'm going to rub it coarsely

1:55 across the holes. I'm going to yield a nice pulpy finish that all I need to do is squeeze

2:04 it. Now I have fresh, pungent ginger juice. You can also put the pieces in it and add

2:11 it. It just adds a little more flavor body and nutrients. Ginger. Very good for you.

2:16 Very healthy and delicious.