How to Pop Millet


0:00 hi my name is Marilee and today I'm

0:03 going to show you how to pop millet for

0:06 those of you who know what millet is it

0:08 may have uses for it there are some

0:10 recipes that call for a millet to be

0:11 popped for cereals or waffles some

0:14 muffins even and it also gives popping

0:16 gives it a really lightly toasted flavor

0:19 that you might enjoy a little more than

0:21 just cooking it before the toasting so

0:23 what we do to pop millet because it's

0:26 not a real obvious process you put your

0:29 pan on a burner if you're using a gas

0:31 flame you want to make sure that the gas

0:33 flame does not touch the bottom of the

0:35 pan and you leave it on the burner until

0:38 it gets quite warm and then all we're

0:40 going to do is pop the millet in and you

0:44 will be able to watch it work you'll

0:47 hear the little popping sound you want

0:48 to be very careful that you move the pan

0:50 around and keep it rolling so that

0:52 doesn't burn so I'm going to take this a

0:55 little bit of millet that I have here

0:56 right here I'm going to put it in the

0:57 pan shake the pan a little bit and

1:07 you're going to start seeing it pop and

1:09 hearing the little sounds

1:14 almost sounds like Rice Krispies

1:16 crackling

1:22 and that's how you pop millet

1:28 you