How to Keep Popcorn From Burning in the Microwave

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Microwave popcorn is a popular, fast snack. Almost anyone who pops microwave popcorn has burnt it once or twice. There are some ways to keep popcorn from burning in the microwave. Reading the directions for popping is the place to start.

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Place the popcorn in the microwave. Set the timer for three minutes. Remember, when popping corn in a microwave, all microwaves are different. The home microwave will pop corn at a different rate than the microwave in the break room at work. As microwaves age, they tend to loose power. This power loss will change the ideal pop time of the popcorn.

Listen for the popping corn to slow down. If the popcorn starts to burn before slowing, try setting the microwave power below 100 percent. This will give a little more pop time without such intense power.

Never leave the microwave unattended while popping corn. Popcorn pops very fast. Remove the bag as soon as the popping slows down.