How to Plan a Checklist for a Rave

How to Plan a Checklist for a Rave. Bringing together diverse individuals with a shared interest in music and community, rave parties have become quite popular within youth culture. The key to successful party planning is organization. Here are things to consider as you plan a checklist to help keep you on task.

Start early. Give yourself one to two months in advance to plan and coordinate the rave.

Assemble a team. You cannot pull this event off without the help. Some individuals may be willing to work for free, and others may need a small incentive. Organize people into 4 or 5 groups with an assigned role and related tasks. For example, you may have a Fundraiser Team, Location Team, Advertisement Team, Music & Lights Team or Set-up/Clean-up Team. Each team should have a representative that regularly receives direction from and reports to you.

Determine the budget. The cost of the rave will depend on its size, location and your ability to leverage resources. Avoid or limit the use of your personal finances to fund the party by partnering with people willing to contribute money or donate items. Keep any door charge at a minimum to encourage full participation.

Advertise to desired participants. Even before you have confirmed a date and location, get the word out and a buzz started. Whether the rave will be invitation-only or open to the public, be creative in your use of flyers, stickers, websites or any other marketing materials.

Secure a space. It should be safe, well-ventilated, and appropriate to the size and audiovisual needs of the rave. There should be plenty of room for dancing and a separate area to sit, talk and relax. You also want to consider whether the location is easily accessible, offers enough parking and will not be problematic for neighboring residents and businesses. Be creative in your location selection. Raves can be held in a variety of venues including outdoors, rooftops, warehouses, barns and bars.

Procure music and other audiovisual elements. The selection of DJ's and live bands will make or break your rave party. Visit different clubs and venues to find the right entertainment. Negotiate the terms of an agreement that includes hours of work, compensation and playlist. You may need to rent speakers, monitors, turntables and other sound equipment. Also consider renting machines for fog, bubbles, foam and laser lights. These visual effects can make an unforgettable rave.

Address the use of drugs and alcohol. While you can not control the behavior of participants before the rave, you can do your best to prevent the abuse of drugs and alcohol during the rave. Prohibit the sell and use of illegal drugs on-site. If you intend to serve alcohol, be sure that drinkers are of legal age and not over-doing it. Have a smart bar with non-alcoholic options, water and snacks for party-goers. Consider having a staffed ambient room for those who may have overindulged in drugs and alcohol or suffer from dehydration and exhaustion.