How to Permanently Make Extremely Coarse Hair Soft and Shiny

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Coarse hair can pose a problem when it comes to styling, as you may find your hair is dull and uncooperative. Permanently fix your coarse hair issues by starting a beauty hair regimen that caters to your hair in particular. Work with your beautician to find the right products that will work specifically with your hair type. Stay away from unfounded home remedies, as they might lead you into making more of a mess than anything.

Get your hair cut often. Try to maintain a monthly hair appointment. Your hair may be coarse due to split or frayed ends. Maintain regular haircut appointments, and you may notice a difference in your hair just from this one simple step alone.

Purchase a conditioner that is meant for coarse hair. Not all conditioners are made the same. Ask your beautician for recommendations on brands that will work best for you. Use the conditioner daily to get your hair hydrated as quickly as possible. Don't overuse the conditioner, however, or you could wind up with greasy hair.

Use a hot-oil treatment on your hair every week or two. The hot oil will saturate your hair and help to heal broken places in your hair follicles. It will provide you with the shine you have been looking for.

Stay away from hair dye. Many hair dyes contain harmful chemicals that fry your hair. This will only set you back in the process of achieving soft, shiny hair. Never use heat sources such as curling irons, straighteners and blow-dryers. Allow yourself plenty of time in the mornings to let your hair air-dry. Heat sources damage hair follicles and the intense heat from a blow-dryer will dry out your hair and defeat the purpose of your conditioning.