How to Perm Hair With Rollers


If you've always wanted curly hair, you can get it with a perm. A perm involves rolling your hair up in curlers and then applying chemicals to the hair which alter its composition. Whereas your hair would normally straighten out a few hours after removing curlers, the chemicals will cause your hair to remain curly permanently. Here are steps to perm your hair by using rollers.

Purchase a home perm kit at your local beauty supply or drug store. Most home perm kits will include a perm chemical solution, a neutralizing solution and gloves to protect your hands from the chemicals.

Buy plastic rollers. If you wish to have soft, loose curls, opt for large rollers. If you prefer tight, kinky curls, choose small rollers. The rollers must be plastic as you will be applying chemicals to them.

Wet your hair. You can shampoo your hair as you normally would, but do not dry it.

Put the top half of your hair up in a clip. This will allow you to begin work on your lower hair more easily.

Roll your hair up into the curlers. Each curler should comfortably fit the amount of hair you put in it. The hair should be snug and clean on the roller, with no stray hairs falling off.

Work your way through your entire head of hair, letting down the previously clipped-up section, until all your hair is in rollers. It may be difficult to put rollers in the back of your head so enlist a friend to help.

Wrap a towel around your neck to prevent chemicals from dripping down your back.

Place cotton strips around your hairline to prevent chemicals from dripping into your face and eyes.

Apply the perm chemical solution to each roller on your head. Do not skimp with your application. Apply the entire bottle per the kit's directions. The solution will need to set on your hair for a while. Do not deviate from the kit's directions.

Rinse hair after the solution has set for the appropriate time. You will then apply the neutralizing solution to the rollers, and let the solution set as directed.

Remove rollers from your hair and rinse your hair.