How to Pan Fry Tasty Perch Fillets

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If you want to cook a tasty perch fillet without using batter and a deep fryer, follow this simple process of dredging your perch filets and pan frying. It creates a tasty coating and is more healthy than deep frying.

To cut down on a strong fishy taste, soak your perch fillets in milk for about 15 minutes. Use enough milk to just cover the fillets. This step is optional and can be used for your personal preference; generally, the fresher the fish, the less fishy it will smell or taste.

Take three bowls. In the first bowl put about a cup of flour. In the second bowl scramble two eggs and add a teaspoon of water. In the third bowl put about a cup of panko, or Japanese bread crumbs.

Remove the fillets from the milk and pat dry. Coat each fillet with a thin layer of flour. Then dip the flour-coated fillet in the egg until it's completely covered. Then coat the fillet in panko bread crumbs. Place the coated fillets on a plate and set aside while you prepare your pan for frying.

Coat your frying pan with a thin layer of olive oil. Heat on low to medium heat for two to three minutes. Arrange the fillets in a single layer in the pan and cover. Cook on low to medium heat for about five minutes. Remove lid and flip fillets. Cook on low to medium heat for an additional five minutes. The fillets should be done unless they are unusually thick. To assure the fillet is done, test with a fork. If it flakes easily, it is ready to serve. Season to taste.