How to Not Get Curling Iron Clamp Marks

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A quick way to ruin a curly hairstyle is to spot crimp marks toward the bottom of the hair left over from using the curling iron. Curling irons that use clamps can leave a line in the bottom of the hair that is hard to cover up. The line comes from the edge of the clamp pressing onto the hair. It’s possible to curl your hair with a curling iron without using the clamp. It may take some practice, but it will work.

Plug in the curling iron and preheat it.

Separate an inch-wide clump of hair with a comb.

Wrap the bottom inch of hair around the curling iron barrel. Do not open the curling iron. Wrap the hair twice around the same spot before continuing.

Wrap the hair around the barrel. Leave the hair on the barrel for 30 seconds, and then unwind it.