How to Make Your Own Wedding Reply Cards - DIY RSVP Postcards Wording and Examples

A wedding can be both the most wonderful -- and most stressful -- day of your life. You can increase the former and reduce the latter, by being as organized as possible. Sending out wedding reply cards (RSVP cards) lets you better plan your big day. While you could simply use pre-made cards, you might want to personalize things a bit by making your own. The wording and design can vary in its specifics, but there are certain points it should cover.

Include a line making it clear that this is an RSVP card. You might write something like, “The favor of a reply is requested” or “A reply is requested.”

Add a line below this that makes it clear there is a deadline for replying. For example, you might write, “Please respond by” and then give a date far enough in advance of the event that you can prepare.

Add a blank line where the recipient can add a name. Below this, have to two lines of text preceded by a blank space where the recipient can add a check mark. Next to the first blank line, write something like, “Will attend.” Not to the other blank line write, “Will not attend.”