How to Make Weave Hair Look Natural

Hair weaves are becoming extremely popular, especially with the myriad of methods available to apply hair extensions. Hair weave can be glued, sewn, bonded, braided, etc. Women wear weaves for a variety of reasons, but primarily for style. Weaves are worn for convenience, protection of natural hair and hair length. Although there are many benefits to hair weave, women do not realize that hair extensions damage the scalp and hair after a while. As with anything there are precautions you should take when applying hair weaves. There are countless ways to make hair weaves look more natural.

Use synthetic or plastic extensions if you are braiding your hair. Synthetic hair is much more suitable for twisted hair styles. Apply human hair to your hair if you aim to wear free flowing hair. Choose a natural hair that suits your hair texture.

Consider going to a beautician to apply your hair extensions. Use the weft application style for free flowing hair. This application is a group of hair attached to what people call a track. Apply wefts with glue or sewing for a more natural look. Wefts are applied under natural hair to give it more body.

Use the fusion application to your hair if you want a longer lasting and natural look. Extensions are applied to your natural hair in sections with hot wax. There are no wefts or tracks to hide, so the hair looks as if it is your own.

Care for your hair weave as if it were your natural hair. Weaves collect bacteria when not properly tended to. Wash your weaves with gentle products. Avoid over-processing your weave with dyes. Moisturize your hair every other night because weaves become brittle easily.

Wrap the weave at night with a scarf so that the hair lays down on the scalp.