How to Make Waxing Painless

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If you want to achieve a smooth and hair-free look on any part of your body, whether it be your legs, your arms or anywhere else, one way to do it is by waxing. Waxing can be done at a professional salon or you can do it yourself at home with a kit. Many people prefer waxing over other methods of hair removal because the results tend to last longer. Waxing can also give the skin a much softer appearance.

Use hard wax. Despite the name, hard wax is significantly less painful than soft wax when it comes to pulling off hairs. Request that your aesthetician use hard wax, or purchase it and do it yourself.

Exfoliate. About one day before you wax, prepare your skin by exfoliating. This can eliminate dead skin cells, making the process significantly less painful.

Use a pain reliever. If you are nervous about waxing pain, prepare by taking an over-the-counter painkiller one hour before you begin the process.

Apply a skin-numbing cream to the area to be waxed about half an hour before beginning. The cream will slightly numb the skin, making the pain of waxing less intense.

Watch the temperature of the wax. If you get the wax too hot, you can burn your skin. Follow directions that come with the wax carefully.

Dry your skin thoroughly. If skin is damp, the wax won't stick as well and can make waxing a lot more tedious and painful.