How to Make Rubber Slipper Sandals

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Make your own rubber slipper sandals and enjoy the comfort of being barefoot while protecting your feet. Use these sandals to lounge around the house or to practice your running sport. These shoes are an alternative to your regular shoes, offering protection against sharp objects while giving you the freedom of being barefoot.

Place your foot on a white piece of paper so that your entire foot fits on the paper. Press down on your foot to flatten it a little. Trace the outer lines of your foot. You want your trace to be slightly bigger than your foot.

Remove your foot and pick up the paper. Smooth out the curve of your trace, and make the toe area a curve instead of the toe bumps, as if you were drawing the sole of your shoe instead of your foot.

Cut around the outside line of your trace to give you a little extra room. Turn the tracing over and step on it with your other foot to see if it fits. If it is significantly different, make another tracing for this foot. Place the cut-out on your 3/16-inch thick polypropylene rubber sole material. Trace the outside of the pattern with a pencil, and cut out the sole with heavy scissors. If you are using only one sole pattern, flip the pattern over and cut out a sole for the other foot. Otherwise, use the tracing you made for the other foot.

Step on the soles and make a mark between the first and second toe with a magic marker. Make two marks on either side of your ankle just in front of your ankle bone.

Punch 1/8-inch holes at the marks with a leather hole punch. Punch the side holes about 1/4 inch from the edge on the marks you made. Avoid using a knife or nail to make the holes, as this will lead to tearing.

Push one end of your lace material through the toe hole from the top to the bottom. Make a knot in the lace on the bottom. Push another piece of lace from top to bottom through each ankle hole, and knot it on the bottom side of the sole. Cut the ankle laces to the same size with scissors. Cut the front tie lace to the size needed to meet the side-wrapped laces, and tie around them.

Place your foot in the sandal, and wrap the side ankle laces around your ankle in Roman-wrap method. Tie the front tie lace to the lace around your ankle.