How to Make Rosemary Spray for Natural Hair

by Melissa Hamilton ; Updated September 28, 2017

Rosemary oils intensify the smell of fresh rosemary herbs.

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Rosemary is a soothing herb and when added to a hair spray in an essential oil form can accomplish a variety of tasks. In a conditioning spray, the rosemary moisturizes and softens hair, leaving it full and with a healthy shine. In a basic hair mist, an addition of rosemary freshens up dull hair and leaves a pleasant aroma. A hair spray with rosemary is easy to make and is a wonderful idea for a hostess or friendship gift.

Pour purified or distilled water into the spray bottle so it is about halfway full.

Stir in eight to 10 drops of the rosemary oil. Add enough oil to create a distinct aroma but not so much that it is overpowering. Experiment with the amount to create the perfect blend.

Add in a teaspoon of aloe vera gel -- whether you are making a conditioning mist or basic hair spray -- and stir. For a basic spray, go to step 4; and for a conditioning spray, skip to step 5.

Add 1/2 teaspoon of jojoba oil to the mixture. The jojoba is moisturizing but not as heavy as a conditioner. Combined with the aloe gel, the jojoba oils will keep the rosemary aroma present for several hours and refresh your hair.

Pour in 2 tablespoons of conditioner to the spray bottle for a conditioning mist. The extra conditioner moisturizes hair and locks in the scent.

Fill the spray bottle almost to the top with more purified water. Shake well to fully mix the ingredients.

Spray a few times to make sure the bottle is misting properly and your rosemary hair spray is ready to go.


  • The more drops of oil you use, the stronger the aroma or the rosemary. Oils are stronger and last longer so you don’t need too much. If you are giving the spray as a gift, label it as a refreshing hair mist, which sounds appealing to the recipient.

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