How to Make Pokemon Birthday Cakes

Pokemon characters are beloved by many children. If your child loves watching Pokemon movies and collecting cards and other Pokemon items, make a special cake for his birthday. You don't need to hire a baker or buy any special tools or pans to create your own Pokemon cake.

Mix your cake batter according to the directions on the box or your recipe. Pour it into a rectangular cake pan and bake accordingly.

Allow your cake to cool completely. Use a knife to frost the cake with white icing.

Cut out a large picture of a Pokemon character, such as Pikachu. Position the picture on top of the cake. Be sure to place the picture lightly and don't press down. That way, the frosting underneath will remain unblemished.

Fill a pastry bag with white icing you have dyed black using food coloring. Pipe the outline of the Pokemon character onto the cake.

Remove the picture, leaving its outline behind. Use your frosting knife to smooth out any icing that is disturbed.

Using the picture for guidance, use food coloring to dye white frosting in the character's colors. Use your pastry bag or a knife to give the Pokemon character color and details so that it is instantly recognizable.