How to Make Military Boots More Comfortable

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Whether you're out in the trenches or just being fashionable, military boots can give you blisters. Naturally, you want to do what you can to make your combat boots more comfortable. By properly conditioning your boots, you can make military boots more comfortable. Just be careful not to wear your boots too long the first time.

Purchase boots that fit your feet. Be sure that the boots that you buy are the right size. If you have particularly wide or narrow feet, try to find combat boots that are made for your feet.

Stretch the leather out. One of the main problems with military boots is that the leather is often tight. You can remedy this by purchasing shoe stretchers, which you place into your boot to help expand it. A shoe repair shop can do this for you, as well.

Place an insert inside the boot. The inside of military boots is often hard and doesn't always offer arch support. You can purchase an insert to cushion and support your feet from the inside.

Put duct tape on your "blister points." Whenever you wear a new pair of shoes, you are more likely to get blisters. Usually, this occurs at the backs of your heels, or sometimes the toes. You can cover these points with plastic bandages, but these are too small and can slip. Duct tape, on the other hand, can cover a wide surface area and is more likely to stay put. You will only have to do this the first few times you wear the boots. After that, those areas of your feet will have toughened up.

Before setting out for a whole day, wear your military boots for short periods of time in the house. This allows you to break in the shoes.