How to Soak New Boots in Water

Sometimes you find the perfect pair of boots. They’re on sale, gorgeous and will look great with most of your outfits. Unfortunately, you may find that when you wear your new boots for the first time that they are stiff, uncomfortable and leave painful blisters on your feet. Rather than continue to wear the new boots to break them in (resulting in more blisters) try soaking them in water. However, not all boots should be soaked in water. Check with the manufacturer before proceeding.

Remove the laces of your boots if there are any, and check for cardboard or tissue inserts.

Turn your shower on and step into it once it has reached your desired temperature. You are going to be standing in the shower for awhile, so make sure you are comfortable.

Stand under the stream of water, allowing the boots--with your feet still in them--to fill with water. Stay in the shower for ten to fifteen minutes. Get dressed as you normally would.

Wear your wet boots until the water runs out, or until they are dry. Once your boots have dried, they will be softer and fit your feet better.