How to Make Metal Belt Buckles

You have decided you want to actually make your own unique belt buckle, from pouring the metal into the mold to decorating the buckle. This article will tell you how. Pewter is the best type of metal for making a belt buckle, as it melts easily, and is very attractive. So, we are going to assume that this is the type of metal you will be using.

How to Make Metal Belt Buckles

Decide the type of base you want for your belt buckle (round, oval, square, rectangle, or other shape).

Set out your containers that will act as the molds.

Place small pieces of pewter into the ladle.


Light the propane torch, and move it back and forth across the bottom of the ladle until the pewter is completely melted. (See TIPS for more information.)

Pour the pewter into your molds and allow it to cool and harden.

Once the pewter has hardened, take it out of the molds, and trim off any excess.

Attach the belt buckle hardware (this can be bought at hobby, craft or sewing stores) to your new belt buckle base.

Decorate it, or leave it plain. It’s YOUR belt buckle!