How to Seal Jelly With Wax

Sealing jelly with baker's wax or paraffin wax is a viable canning method that is still commonly used for preserving jelly for short time periods. This edible wax is white in color and has no taste or smell. It is available in liquid form and solid block form. By sealing cans and jars with wax, you can extend the life of the jelly up to 12 months. Sealed jelly containers must be stored in a dry, dark and cool place.

Prepare the jelly as per the recipe in a sterilized jar and leave about 1 inch of space on the top to give you room to allow the wax to set.

Cut paraffin wax into small pieces for easy and quick melting.

Place the wax in a double boiler by filling a large pot with water and placing a smaller pot inside it. The small pot will contain the wax that needs to be melted.

Place a candy thermometer in the wax pot. If the wax becomes too hot, it will catch fire. You must ensure the temperature is kept below 375 degrees F. Once the wax melts, it will have a clear, water-like appearance.

Spoon the wax onto the top of the jelly.

Allow the wax to become opaque but do not allow it to cool completely.

Cover the jar with its lid and secure it. The heat from the wax will seal the jar when it begins to cool.