How to Make Fondant Flowers

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Make Fondant Flowers. Fondant flowers add style and elegance to any cake. They're simple to make and can last for weeks. They can be made ahead of time and applied when you need them. Learn how to make fondant flowers with these simple steps.

Mold some fondant into a ball with a cone shape on top. The ball should start out around three-quarters of an inch. This will be the base on which to attach the petals.

Use a slightly smaller bit of fondant and roll it into a ball. Flatten the ball to about one-quarter of an inch on one side, which will be the bottom. Thin the fondant as you move to the top. This will be the first petal.

Wrap the petal around the ball-cone shaped fondant base with the thin end at the top. It should look like a bud of a rose.

Make three or four more petals of the same size and add them to the base, wrapping them one at a time around the last petal. Curl the tops out slightly to make them look like real rose petals.

Get five larger balls of fondant and shape them into petals. Add them to the outer edges of the flower, curling the tops only slightly. You should have a flower in the shape of a rose.


  • Practice curling and shaping petals in different sizes and shapes to make different types of flowers. Allow fondant flowers to dry completely, and then store them in a refrigerator. They can last for a few weeks.

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