How to Make Easy French Decorations

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If you're throwing a French cheese-tasting party or hosting any kind of event that celebrates or features French culture, you can enhance the spirit of the day by making a few easy decorations that are beautiful, charming and economical. You might have many of the necessary materials already tucked away in your house, and anything in the colors of the French flag -- blue, white and red -- will elaborate on the theme.

Eiffel Tower Frames

Measure each postcard or print with a ruler to determine if it will fit its intended frame.

Cut the image down to size as needed by trimming off a little at a time from the edges of the picture.

Insert the postcards or prints into their frames.Some photos can show only part of the Eiffel Tower for a more creative, artsy look.

Insert your newly sized images into their frames. Place one framed photo on each table at your event.

Flag and Flower Arrangement

Cut the stems off three to four flowers at an angle, under water, with a pair of flower cutters. Examples of good cut flowers to use in arrangements include roses, Gerber daisies and Shasta daisies.

Fill flower vases about 3/4 full with water and place one flower in each the vase.

Lay a postcard on a sheet of white construction paper, trace it and cut it out. Turn the sheet so that it faces you horizontally. Fold the sheet in thirds.

Open up the sheet and flatten it. Cut along the folds to make three vertical strips.

Trace two of the vertical strips on blue and red construction paper. Cut them out.

Lay the postcard on a sheet of white construction paper, trace it and cut it out. This is your flag base.

Glue the blue vertical strip onto the white base with a glue stick, making sure that it lines up with the left edge of the flag.

Glue the red vertical strip onto the flag base. Make sure that the red, vertical strip lines up with the right edge of the flag.

Insert a glue stick in your hot glue gun, plug it in and wait for the glue to warm up.

Squeeze a line of glue along the top third of a chopstick, then press it onto the back of the flag. Line up the chopstick to the right edge of the flag base.

Slip the flag into the vase of flowers. Repeat this process to create a French flag for the remaining vases.