How to Cook a Cornish Game Hen in a Convection Oven

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With a misleading name, Cornish game hens are not game birds or necessarily hens. The term coined for young chickens under 2 pounds gives a fancier name to an otherwise ordinary chicken. With low calories and high protein, Cornish game hens can be prepared for special occasions or as an alternative in cooking for one. Using a convection oven makes cooking these little birds a quick endeavor.

Preheat your convection oven to broil.

Rinse the Cornish game hen under cool, running water.

Pat the Cornish game hen dry with paper towels and put it in a baking dish.

Brush the hen with olive oil, and season it with rosemary, thyme, salt, pepper and garlic or any other seasonings you desire, such as lemon or paprika.

Set the pan in the convection oven in the center.

Leave the door open slightly and check on the chicken after the first 20 minutes. Continue to check every five minutes until it is done. Use a meat thermometer inserted into the thigh to check the internal temperature. When the temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit, remove the Cornish hen from the oven.

Allow the hen to sit for five to 10 minutes before serving.