How to Make Curly Hair Into Sexy Waves


0:00 hi I'm Kim and I'm here with you today

0:02 at blondie salon and spa I wanted to

0:04 talk to you about how to take curly hair

0:06 and make it into beautiful gorgeous sexy

0:08 waves for your next beach wedding the

0:11 first step that you want to do is maybe

0:13 some night before preparation I actually

0:15 had Deirdre go ahead and braid her hair

0:18 and sleep on it slightly damp throughout

0:20 the night

0:20 especially when you have natural curly

0:22 hair this helps to just put a little bit

0:24 of control into it

0:25 the second thing that you want to do is

0:27 finger those braids out with some very

0:29 light styling oil I'm using the joy coat

0:33 color therapy oil it gives a beautiful

0:36 shine and moisture to the hair and will

0:37 never weigh it down I'm gonna place the

0:42 kpac vapor iron right in a couple of

0:44 inches off of the root I gave it a 3/4

0:47 of the way turn and then just work it

0:49 through to the ends of the hair you want

0:52 to make sure that your sections are nice

0:53 and smooth to begin with when you're

0:55 doing your flatiron curls and that will

0:59 help to insure that the curls have a

1:00 beautiful smooth look to them once

1:03 you've got your flatiron curls placed

1:05 through your curly hair I just finished

1:06 this off with a little bit of hairspray

1:08 I love the kpac protective hairspray it

1:11 won't give any frizz to the hair or blow

1:13 open the the curl pattern that you've

1:15 already placed in I spray it right in my

1:18 hands and use this to separate out my

1:23 curl I think it's important to use your

1:26 hands like a rake because that also

1:28 helps to just break down the curl

1:29 pattern without actually exacerbating

1:32 any type of a frizz finish an off it's

1:35 just a little bit of a final spray and

1:40 that's how you can transform your curly

1:43 hair into gorgeous sexy waves for your

1:45 next beach wedding