How to Make Crock pot Apple Butter

One of our families Autumn traditions is to make crock pot apple butter. You can't beat it! It is very sweet and very good! The crock pot also alleviates all those hours standing over a huge copper pot out doors as well.

Wash, cut, core and slice apples. Place slices in crock pot.

I like the Granny Smith apples because they are really the best for cooking with. They cook down very easily.

Add the sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg to the crock pot.

You can tweak this recipe by adding different spices and taking others away. It is really a forgiving recipe.

Place on high for at least two to three hours. Then turn the temperature down to low and continue to cook for six to eight more hours. Stir occassionally. Leave it on for the full ten hours if you want a thicker butter.

You can put in containers in the fridge or place into sterilized half pint jars. It should make between eight to ten half pints. Place lids on jars and turn upside down for one minute. Should be sealed by morning. If not place in fridge to be used.