How to Make a Women's Fleece Wrap

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Wraps are a popular alternative to sweaters and jackets. Wraps can be made in a variety of materials, from light chiffon for warmer weather to fleece in the winter. Fleece wraps are not only a stylish fashion statement, but they also are a practical way to keep warm during cooler months. Even if you have never sewn before, you can follow some simple steps and make your own fleece wrap at home.

Place a measuring tape at the tip of your belly button and drape the tape up and over your shoulders and back to your belly button. Add 1 inch to the measurement and purchase that length piece of fleece in your desired color and pattern.

Place the rectangular piece of fleece flat on a table or other work surface with the shorter length of the rectangle positioned as the sides, parallel to your sides. The longer length of the rectangle should span across the table, form left to right, forming the top and bottom of the rectangle.

Confirm that both sides of the fleece are straight and are cut evenly. Trim the sides with scissors to even out if necessary.

Lift up the top piece of the fleece material and fold it over in half toward you. Bring it all the way down across the fabric until it meets the bottom piece. Be sure that the sides match up evenly. Trim away any excess pieces that are not even.

Insert straight sewing pins into the trimmed sides to secure the fleece together. Pin all the way along the length of the material, leaving ¼-inch space between pins. Check to be sure that the fold at the top of the fleece is straight and flat with no bumps or air pockets.

Place a tape measure at the fold at the top. Measure down 20 inches from the top in the center and place a straight pin into the fleece at the 20-inch mark.

Place the scissors at the center of the fold and cut straight down until you reach the pin, to make the neck opening in the wrap.

Remove the straight pin from the fleece.

Unfold the fleece and open it completely. Turn the fleece over so that the inside of the material is facing up. Turn the fleece around so that the neck opening is near to you at the bottom of the table. Position the fleece so that it lies flat on the table.

Pull up the rough edges of the fleece around the neck opening. Insert straight pins into the rough edges and pin them down onto the fleece fabric. Continue adding pins all around the raw edges of the neck opening.

Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to sew the rough edges down. Remove the pins as you sew.

Fold the rough edges of the bottom of the fleece over by ¼ inch. Insert straight pins all along the rough edges on the bottom, checking to make sure the edge remains even. Repeat for the rough edges on the two side pieces of the fleece.

Use a sewing machine or needle and thread to sew the rough edges down. Remove the pins as you sew.

Turn the fleece inside out. Lay the fleece straight out on the table, right side up. Pin the fabric trim into place along the hemmed edges. Sew trim on with sewing machine or needle and thread, removing the pins as you go.

Check to make sure your fleece wrap is even. Wash and wear.