How to Make a White Wig

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Wigs are a great component of a fancy dress wardrobe for a child. Halloween, costume contests and birthday parties for kids can be fun when they wear wigs in different colors. A white wig is easy to make and can give kids a feel of 17th century barristers in courtrooms or delegates at the Constitutional Convention.

Take an old swim cap and make sure it fits snugly around the head of the person for whom you are making the wig. Make sure the swim cap is clean and has an even surface.

Select the white yarn you will be using to make the wig.

Determine the length of hair you want to have on your wig. If you’re making a barrister wig, you will want a length of around 24 inches (or shoulder length). If you want a wig like those worn by the Constitutional Convention delegates, choose a length of 12 inches or less.

Cut pieces of the yarn depending on the length you want. Cut as many strands as necessary to cover the swim cap.

Thread the pieces of yarn into the swim cap using a yarn darner. When a piece of yarn has been threaded into the swim cap, you will have a double strand, with each half of the strand being of equal length. Tie these strands together to form a knot in the center, at the base of the swim cap. This will hold the piece of yarn into place. Repeat this step until the surface area of the swim cap is covered completely.

Shape the yarn "hair". Using glue, give an initial shape to your wig by gluing down pieces of yarn so that they are all falling downwards toward where the shoulders will be. This is to avoid any yarn "hair" from sticking up and ruining the appearance of the wig.

Comb every strand of yarn to separate the thread of the yard, which will make the wig look more like hair.

Use strong hair gel and hairspray to give the final style to your wig. You can curl ends or straighten strands, for example. Use only wig hair products, as other products can harm your wig. Keep applying hairspray wherever you shape the yarn hair.