How to Make a Virtual Girlfriend

The world of virtual dating has taken a giant leap. Now you can create a girlfriend simply out of bits of data. This option allows you to create your own perfect mate at the click of a mouse. For people who get nervous around girls and break out in hives over asking for a date, this is a digital gift from heaven.

Go to the I am Bored website to create a virtual girlfriend. If you make your girlfriend here, the application is free. You simply need to answer questions about yourself and about your ideal girlfriend. Create a girlfriend at the V Girl website by creating your login information and password. You may then download the program to your computer or your cell phone.

Choose what kind of skin she will have. Depending on your tastes you can develop a woman with pale white skin all the way up to a deep brown. In addition, some services offer you the ability to add tattoos if your ideal woman would have those.

Develop you virtual girlfriend’s hair next. You can choose from traditional colors such as black, red, blonde and brown to more extreme colors like blue and pink. In addition, you will be given the option to customize her hair’s length and style. Anywhere from long flowing locks to tight afro curls are available.

Choose what kind of personality your girlfriend will have next. This is the most crucial step because the artificial intelligence these girls are equipped with allow them to converse with you and memorize facts. Developing the perfect personality will be the key to your virtual romance.

Select what kind of voice you want your girlfriend to speak with. Depending on the service you have selected, you will have a variety of speaking voices to choose from, from giggly school girl to smoking seductress.

Dress your date as the final step. Depending on how you plant to spend time together. Most virtual girlfriends have wardrobes that run the gamut from swimsuits to evening gowns to costumes.