How to Make a Unicorn Birthday Cake

Unicorns are whimsical and fantastical creatures that many children love to daydream about. When you are planning a birthday party or are making a cake for a child who loves unicorns, consider making one shaped like a unicorn's head. It may seem like a unicorn cake would be difficult to make, but with a little planning and lots of frosting, it isn't so hard. Use lots of embellishments on the unicorn cake so that it looks just as fanciful as the child imagines they do.

Place one of the round 8-inch cakes on the center of the cake platter. This cake will serve as the largest part of the unicorn's head. The head will be in profile when you complete it.

Use a serrated knife to cut a circle out of the other round cake. The circle should be roughly about a third of the size of the original cake. Place the cake diagonally to the lower right side of the first cake. This smaller round cake will serve as the more narrow part of the unicorn's face and nose.

Use scraps from the remaining parts of the second round cake to fill in the gaps between the large and small round cakes so that once it is frosted, the cake will look like the unicorn's head.

Use more scraps to create the unicorn's neck and an ear.

Frost the cake with the white icing. Use plenty of frosting where the cake sections intersect, so that it looks like the cakes are one piece.

Dust the entire cake with purple sparkling sugar.

Fill a pastry bag with pink frosting. Pipe thin strips of frosting onto the back side and top of the unicorn's head to serve as the mane.

Place purple frosting inside a pastry bag and pipe more thin mane strips. Continue with the blue frosting.

Fill the pastry bag with black frosting and pipe on the unicorn's eyes and nose.

Cover the sugar ice cream cone with purple frosting and sprinkle it with more sparkling purple sugar. Place it on the cake platter at the top of the unicorn's head.