How to Make a Shirt Out of a Trashbag

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You've probably heard the saying that one person's trash could be turned into another's treasure, but a trash bag turned into a shirt? It may seem a bit outlandish, but in a bind, a trash bag can be quickly turned into a shirt using just a pair of household scissors. Whether you want to make an inexpensive fashion statement or just want to keep dry in the rain, there are endless possibilities for this simple project. Test your creative limits by customizing your finished project with inventive tailoring or embellishing.

Get a trash bag for the foundation of your shirt. Trash bags come in many different shapes, colors and sizes; any variety will do provided the bag is large enough to fit your body frame. People with petite figures could opt for a smaller bag or could simply alter a large one, while those with a large frame should go for a size that will fit the average kitchen can.

Use a marker or piece of chalk to outline the soon-to-be hole for your head and neck to fit through. Draw a circle at the center of the bottom of the bag; depending on the kind of neckline you prefer, the diameter and shape of these outlines could vary. A wide, oval-shaped outline could mimic a boat neck, while a smaller, more circular one would be closer to a standard crew-neck shape.

Use a pair of household scissors to cut out the material inside the outline you drew. Discard the excess plastic.

Slip the trash bag over your head and make marks on either side to note where the arm holes will go. Remove the bag when you finish.

Cut holes large enough for your arms to fit through where you marked on the sides of the bag. Discard any excess plastic you cut away.

Wear the trash bag as a shirt. If you wish, tailor or embellish the bag to make it more fitted or stylish.