How to Make a Rock Star T-Shirt Out of a Regular Shirt

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What’s more rock 'n’ roll than an old tee that’s been shredded to pieces? Any old T-shirt you have laying around can be revamped into a custom-made rocker tee with little more than a pair of scissors. A few snips will transform a Rolling Stones or Guns N’ Roses shirt into an edgy, one-of-a-kind fashion statement. So grab one of your favorite band’s T-shirt or shop your local thrift stores for inexpensive vintage shirts and get cutting.

Spread your shirt out on a flat surface with the back of the shirt facing up.

Cut the an inch or more off the end of each of the sleeves to give them a cropped look.

Grab the neckline of the shirt from the back and begin cutting off the hem by trimming a few inches off around the hemline. Flip the shirt so the front is facing up and continue cutting all the way around the neckline to remove the entire hem. Trim the front of the shirt’s neckline a few inches more than the back, so that the front dips lower than the back at the neck.

Turn the shirt over on the flat surface so that the back of the shirt is facing up and make a small incision about 1/3 inch long with your scissors at the top of the back of the shirt in the center. The incision should be a few inches below the new neckline that you created.

Cut a slit going out from each side of the small incision, so that the slit reaches almost all the way from one side of the shirt to the other. Leave about 2 to 3 inches of uncut fabric on each side of the back of the shirt.

Make another small incision about 1/3 inch long with your scissors directly below where you cut the previous slit. Leave about 2 inches in between each incision, so that the fabric does not become too stringy and rip easily.

Continue making slits all the way down the back of the shirt until you reach the bottom of the shirt and leave about 2 inches of uncut fabric.

Pull gently on each string of fabric that has been cut on the back of the shirt. This will stretch the fabric and get rid of any jagged edges. The end result will be a fringed, rocker tee.