How to Make Tear Away Pants

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Precious time might be wasted if you're removing your pants in the traditional fashion, but in the future that time can be saved by adding the necessary modifications to your pants. Converting regular pants into tear away pants is easy, and you will waste little time in making them, because they take so little time to make.

Remove the stitching from both the inside and outside seams of your pants with a seam ripper; be careful to remove all of the stitching without damaging the fabric. You should end up with two halves: the front of your pants and the back.

Separate the Velcro strips and sew the smoother looped sides onto the outer and inner sides of the inseam on the back half of your pants, making sure that the long sides are parallel to the edge of the seam. Space the strips 1 to 2 inches apart. Continue this pattern all the way around the inseam from ankle to ankle and on the outer seams from hip to ankle.

Align the two halves of the pants and mark -- using the fabric marker -- where the other sides of the Velcro strips should go on the front half of your pants to maximize the sticking power of the Velcro.

Sew the rougher hooked sides of the Velcro strips onto the corresponding marked spots on the inside of the inner and outer seams of the front half of your pants. Check to be sure that all of the Velcro lines up before attempting to press the two halves back together. Remove and resew any strips that do not line up properly.

Press both halves of your pants back together by squeezing all of the Velcro strips together. Put your pants on and then tear them off in one fluid motion.