How to Make a Money Belt

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You can turn your favorite belt into a top secret money-hiding piece of style. By following these simple instructions, you can carry cash at all times without fear that you'll lose it all to a mugger. Money belts are great for travel, too. Learn how to make one today.

Begin by laying protective newspapers on your table. Spread 2-3 sheets of newspaper on the surface where you'll be making your money belt.

Place the belt, with the inside facing up, flat on your work surface.

Glue one side of the velcro to the inside of your belt. American dollars are 6 inches long, so keep in mind how you'd like your bills stored. You might have to fold them in half the long way if your belt is narrow. Make sure the velcro extends past the edges of your bills, so they don't fall out.

Wait for the glue on the money belt to dry thoroughly before attempting to remove the opposing side of velcro.

Stash your bill between the velcro and you're ready to go, with your homemade money belt.