How to Make a Happy Birthday Card

A commercially produced birthday card can cost a few dollars. They can be disappointing with a verse that does not match your sentiment or an unattractive cover with a lovely verse inside. But you can make your own highly personalized birthday card for a loved one or friend. Anyone can easily make birthday cards with the countless embellishments available, including rubber-stamp images and stickers.

Cut card stock to 8 by 51/2 inches or larger. Fold it in half.

Stamp your birthday image onto a small square or rectangular piece of craft or scrapbook paper.

Color in the image with colored ink pens or pencils.

Glue the piece of paper with image onto a slightly larger piece of paper or card stock for a matted look.

Stamp, computer-print or hand-print a personal birthday message inside the card.

Glue matted, stamped image to the front of the card.

Place letters or a sticker phrase that says Happy Birthday on the outside cover of the card. You could also choose to print the phrase with a calligraphy pen or marker.

Wrap a 1/4-inch-wide piece of ribbon around the cover of the card, near the fold, to give it a finished look. Adhere to the inside cover.