How to Make a Friendship Survival Kit

How to Make a Friendship Survival Kit. A friendship survival kit is a fun craft project. Friendship survival kits are gifts for any friend or loved one. The kit is a collection of small items and a list of what they are used for. Make one for your friend for a birthday, holiday gift or a surprise for hen they're feeling down.

Place all the items except the cellophane and ribbon into the basket. Use tissue paper to decorate the basket before or after you place the items in the friendship survival kit.

Create a document on the computer or write on a piece of decorative paper the following information: "Life Savers candy to remind you that you are needed and loved. A toothpick to help you pick out the best qualities in yourself and others. Hugs and Kisses because everyone needs a hug sometimes. A puzzle piece to remind you your friends are not whole without you. A button for when you need to button your lip closed. A bandage to help hurt feelings. Marbles for when you lose yours. A candle to remind you to share your light. An eraser to help start every day with a clean slate. A jewel to remind you how valuable you are to me."

Wrap the basket or decorative box in cellophane. Remember to place the small letter inside the box or basket before wrapping the friendship survival kit. Cellophane comes in a variety of colors and designs. Find the cellophane of your choice at department stores, craft stores or party stores.

Tie the top of the cellophane together with the ribbon. Deliver your friendship survival kit to your friend.