Comforting Words After Losing a Mother

by Arlin Cuncic

The loss of a mother is a life-altering experience. If someone you know is grieving such a loss, you may struggle with what to say to comfort that person. It's often best to simply express your sorrow and offer hope by reassuring the other person that things will get better, according to the Harvard Health Publications website.

Be Honest

If you don't know what to say, it's OK to be honest and tell the grieving person that you're at a loss for words, notes For example, you might say, "I am not sure what to say, and can't imagine how you are feeling." The person experiencing his mother's death needs to know that you care and will be there for him through this difficult time. Tell him that if he needs to talk about his mom -- or anything else -- you're there to listen.

Share Memories

Share a favorite story or funny anecdote about the lost loved one. Say to the grieving person something like, "I remember how your mother used to make us hot chocolate on snowy days." Though your words may trigger tears, they will also bring back fond memories. The person experiencing the loss is likely afraid to lose those thoughts of her mother -- and will appreciate your willingness to talk openly.

Offer Help

Think about how you can help your friend -- and offer your help, notes Say something like, "I can watch your children on Saturday if you would like some time to yourself." Your friend needs specific offers of help while she is grieving. She may not have the mental strength to think of what she needs at this time.

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