How to Make a Fabric Bow

Red satin bow

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Most craft bows are made from ribbon; however, you can also make them from fabric for a more high-end look. Fabric bows can be used to match different outfits, party themes, or home décor. They can also be made in any size or width using an array of different fabrics, from heavy velvet to light chiffon.

Determine the size of the finished bow you want to make. Figure out the length of the fabric you need for the bow by adding together the length of each tail, plus twice the width of the bow. Then, cut a strip of your choice of fabric.

Fold the fabric lengthwise so the right sides are facing each other. Then, fold the fabric in half the other direction, matching the ends carefully.

Mark off an angle at the bottom of the fabric ends with a ruler or straightedge. Then cut this triangle off the fabric. This will make a neat, pointed end to your bow tails.

Fold the small piece of fabric lengthwise.

Sew carefully up the pointed end and down three-quarters of the length of the fabric. Use thread that matches the dominant color of the fabric. Then, skip sewing for approximately one inch. Resume sewing with the machine on the other side of the gap and continue until you reach the end of the other point.

Remove the fabric strip from the sewing machine and clip the extra threads.

Sew up the side of the short piece of fabric using a straight stitch to form a basic tube that is about the size of a quarter.

Clip the corners of the pointed ends of the sewn fabric carefully. This will help the points be sharp and well-defined in the bow.

Turn the fabric tube right side out through the small hole left in the long side of the fabric. Also, turn the short piece of fabric right side out.

Hand stitch the open piece of the large fabric ribbon closed neatly.

Lay the piece of fabric out flat on a table in front of you with the sewn seam facing downward. You might want to lay it near a ruler to make sure the measurements of each side of the finished bow match. Fold in both ends of the fabric strip until they cross in the center. This will make the loop sides of the bow.

Gather the centers of the three sections of fabric together and wrap the small piece of fabric tube around them. Keep the stitched seam hidden by squashing the tube with the seam in the middle of one side.

Fold under one of the raw edges at the back and use it to cover the other raw edge.

Stitch these ends securely together using a needle and thread. You may also use a hot glue gun. if desired.