How to Mail a Salami

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A salami, especially when coupled with cheeses and crackers, makes a simple but welcome gift at anytime of year. Salami is a well-cured meat, so there is little chance it will go bad during the shipping process. However, if it isn't already, you should have the salami vacuum-packed to avoid any chance of it going bad. Ice packs will not be required to ship a salami and, once vacuum sealed, it is no longer considered perishable.

Choose a salami that is vacuumed-packed so you don't have to worry about it going bad in transit.

Obtain a box that is at least as wide and deep as the salami you are mailing. If you are mailing other items with it, you may want to pack them all together in a box first and then place that box inside a larger box for shipping.

Cushion the salami inside the box with packing peanuts, bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper. Cushioning the salami in the box prevents it from shifting during transit.

Seal your box with packing tape and label it with your return address and your recipient's name and address.

Take your package to your local U.S. Post Office or other package delivery service and arrange to have it mailed. The Post Office will inquire whether or not the goods being shipped are perishable, to which you will answer, "Yes."