How to Ship Candy Apples

candied apples image by Mat Hayward from

Candy apples were once a simple treat consisting of granulated sugar, corn syrup, food coloring and apples. Today, you can get candy apples coated in caramel, nuts, candy and dozens of other surprisingly delicious combinations. Shipping candy apples depends on the ingredients.

Wrap each apple individually in a cellophane bag. This will keep the apples fresh and prevent them from sticking together.

Separate the apples using chipboard inserts and fill in the spaces between each apple with packing popcorn. You can also wrap each apple in bubble wrap.

Pad all sides of the interior of the box with plastic wrap.

Place a frozen gel pack or dry ice pack under the apples if there are perishable toppings or if you’re shipping during the summer. While apples can be shipped at room temperature, delivery trucks can get very hot. Placing a cooling pack on top of your apples can crush them.

Pack the apples in a sturdy box. Pack your shipment as if you expect the box to be shaken, dropped or mishandled.

Ship your candy apples either priority or overnight.