How to Look Taller for Men

by Remy Lo ; Updated September 28, 2017

Height has traditionally been a marker that is attributed to the successful and beautiful. While this may seem unfair given that you can’t choose how tall you are, shorter men often find it more difficult to cope rather than shorter women. Since you can't change your genetics or to go through a miraculous growth spurt when puberty has passed, finding ways to look taller can help boost your confidence. As a man, looking taller is not as simple as sliding on some stilettos like your female counterparts, so action must be placed elsewhere to change your countenance.

Step 1

Embrace monochromatic dressing. Monochromatic dress goes beyond simply matching your clothes, but it means wearing clothes of the same color and pattern as well. Wearing all black or a shirt that is the same color as your blue jeans is a great way to look taller. This will make your profile look like one fluid body, hence giving you a lengthier appearance.

Step 2

Slim down a few pounds. If you are a shorter male carrying a lot of excess weight, slimming your body down, particularly around the waist, will help to elongate your frame. Avoid wearing stiff fabrics or a belt under your stomach as this will only serve to make your legs look shorter and accent your weight. Being at the correct body weight for your height will help to give you a lankier appearance naturally.

Step 3

Watch what you wear. Once again, dress has a big hand in how tall you look. Wearing vertical striped clothing such as pinstriped suits and shirts will serve to stretch your appearance in the direction of the line. You can also serve to heighten your appearance by wearing heeled or thick-soled shoes, whether boots, casual or dressy. Don't wear jackets or blazers with more than a few buttons; these are made for taller clients.

Step 4

Stroll with confidence. Having good posture will lengthen your frame. Sitting up straight and standing straight at all times will help you look taller as well as change how others might perceive you. To maintain good posture, ensure your shoulders are not slouching and that your back is aligned and not bowed.

Step 5

Darken your wardrobe. Darker neutrals like black, grey and blue have a slimming effect when worn. Combining these colors with previously mentioned tactics will help double your efforts looking taller. Darker colors can also have a tendency to make you seem more authoritative and commanding, which can be a bonus in your business or personal life.


  • Avoid wearing colors or clothing that will make you stand out when in a crowd. This can make others point you out and size you up with taller guys around you.

    Getting a short haircut can also help to accentuate your neck, which will elongate the view of your body.

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