How to Keep Your Feet Dry & Warm

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It’s that time again: winter is here and the cold has forced us to bring out our coats and boots. When we are preparing for the cold, we sometimes forget to take care of our feet. Keeping your feet dry and warm is simple as long as you have the right items. Boots and socks are ideal for cold weather; the thicker the better. If you have tried several methods to keep your feet dry and warm but have failed, don’t worry. There are many ways to keep your feet dry and warm and to protect them from the rain, wind and snow.

Keeping Feet Dry & Warm

Wear leggings underneath your pants and put your socks over them. Placing the socks over the leggings will prevent air from getting to your feet.

Wear thick thermal socks that will keep cold out and warmth in. Socks made of fleece and wool will prevent wind from penetrating and making your feet cold. Long socks are ideal so they can warm your legs as well as your feet.

Place plastic bags over your socks for added protection against the water and cold air. The plastic bags can only protect your feet for a certain amount time; it all depends on the environment and the type of weather you are experiencing, but it can give an extra shield from the cold. Using plastic bags to keep your feet dry is only effective if you wear waterproof boots to keep water away.

Wear waterproof boots to keep water (from rain or snow) at bay. Waterproof boots are made from various materials, such as rubber and nylon. Tall waterproof boots are great to keep rain water from going into the boot and wetting your feet. Also, purchase waterproof boots with great insulation made of fleece. The insulation will keep your feet warm.