How to Host a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

How to Host a Wedding Rehearsal Dinner. Hosting the rehearsal dinner is a huge job. This dinner will set the tone for the entire wedding weekend. Be sure to follow these steps for a great dinner that will start the festivities out on the right foot.

Decide on a location at least six months before the wedding. You may need to make this decision much sooner if you live in a busy town or if the restaurant is exceptionally popular.

Contact the location and inquire about availability.

Make an appointment to meet with a representative of the establishment.

When preparing for the meeting, be sure to have an approximate number of guests and a firm budget in mind.

When meeting with the representative, inquire about such items as the contract, the amount of the deposit, cancellation policy, special food preparation for those with special dietary needs and the inclusion or exclusion of alcoholic beverages in the price per person.

Be certain you see the exact location where your party will be seated.

Make sure everything you discuss with the representative is in writing in the contract.

Once the location is settled and you have an exact guest list, consider whether or not you will have assigned seating. If so, create place cards and a guide for people so they will know which table they will be using.

Consider having floral arrangements in place on the tables.

Confirm with the establishment one week prior to the reservations.

Arrive as quickly as possible after the rehearsal so you will be present when your guests arrive.

Be sure to circulate and speak with everyone.

Thank everyone for coming as they leave.