How to Answer Back to a Guy for Homecoming

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Homecoming is a tradition that many high schools celebrate annually. High school alumni return for this weekend, and current students attend a homecoming dance. For many, this weekend comes in the fall, and the homecoming dance is the first dance of the school year. Since the asking is often in a creative way, you'll want to respond in an equally creative way.

Consider your answer carefully before deciding. Make a list of pros and cons of attending the dance with this person if you are having trouble deciding. Consider whether you will be asked by anyone else or whether you would prefer to go with someone else. Make your decision within 24 hours, and start planning your response.

Call or speak to the person in person if the answer is no. Be honest and keep your response short -- tell the person you are touched to be asked but that you have been planning to go with someone else. Respond as soon as you know your answer is no, so that person has a chance to ask someone else. Tell the person in private if you speak in person, so as not to cause embarrassment.

Consider responding in a creative way if asked in a creative way. For example, if flowers and a card were dropped off to your house, consider dropping something off at that person's house that includes "yes" as your answer. If your locker or your car has been decorated, consider returning the favor.

Write "yes" on the poster board in big, block letters or consider writing a short poem that has your answer in it. Tape streamers to the edges of the board so they are dangling off. Place the poster board under the wipers on the windshield of the person's car or tape it to the person's locker.

Consider making an announcement in the cafeteria or over the intercom at school to draw even more attention to your answer. Make sure the person is comfortable with this sort of thing before responding in such an outgoing way. Consider writing a shy person a card and present it at the person's house if you think the person would be embarrassed to receive anything at school.

Call the person after responding if you don't respond in person. Call to make sure the person understood your response, reiterate your excitement to attend the dance and talk about plans for the big night.