How to Host a Couples Only Dinner Party

A dinner party can be a fun and sophisticated way to spend an evening. Perhaps you and the special person in your life want to spend an entire night with other couples. Planning a dinner party for you and your friends is a rather easy process. Here is how to host a couples-only dinner party.

Begin my contacting those couples you are friends with. Tell them about your idea for a couples-only dinner party and invite them to the party. Try your best to coordinate a date that works best for everybody. Most likely, this will be an evening during the weekend.

Buy some fancy plates, glasses and utensils if you don't have any. You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune. Your local department store will have plenty of options to choose from and many of them at affordable prices.

Plan different courses for your dinner party. For example, you should at the very least have an appetizer, a main course and a dessert. Something as easy as a salad, whatever you want to cook for dinner and then pie for dessert would suffice.

Ask your dinner guests if they would like to contribute to the couples dinner party. Even though you're throwing the party, your guests may want to bring a dish, dessert or bottle of wine to the party. Don't be afraid to involve your guests in the planning of your couples-only dinner party.

Have music playing quietly in the background during the dinner party. Music is better than TV since it is less distracting to your guests. With soft music, such as jazz, playing quietly in the background, you can create a soothing atmosphere and not distract from any conversations.

Be sure to have after-dinner activities available for you and your guests. What you choose can be dependent on the type of dinner party you are planning to host. For a more formal dinner party, consider having cocktails with your guests. If your dinner party is a more informal event, have cards or board games available.