How to Hem Pants That are Too Long

How to Hem Pants That are Too Long. If you have a pair of pants that you'd like to wear, but they are just too long, this article is for you. With just a needle and thread or some iron-on tape, you can hem the pants so they fit and look good. There are a few ways to hem pants, so follow the steps below and you will save money by doing it yourself.

Iron-on Tape Method

Pin the pants at the length you want. This step is easier if you get someone to help. Put the pants on and stand on a step stool. Have the assistant turn the fabric under and pin each leg to the correct length.

Take off the pants and evenly fold the fabric under all the way around each leg where the hem needs to be. Pin the layers together with straight pins. Push through both layers of fabric close to the folded edge.

Cut off any excess fabric to within two inches of the bottom fold. Press the fold lightly with an iron that has been preheated to the right temperature setting for the fabric.

Apply the tape to the cut edge of the fabric and the inside of each pant leg. Set the tape with a warm iron as directed on the package.

Hand or Machine Sewing

Follow Steps one, two and three above. Then use a needle and thread or sewing machine to make the hem for a more durable result.

Sew a straight seam through the two layers of fabric around the edges of the legs about 1/4 inch from the bottom fold. Fold the fabric up one more time to hide the cut edge and form a finished hem. Press the folds flat with an iron.

Finish the sewed hem by hand or machine using a blind hem stitch all around the bottoms of the legs. A blind hem stitch only catches a tiny bit of the fabric on the inside so that it doesn't show on the outside.