How to Have a Wedding at the United Nations in New York

Purestock/Purestock/Getty Images

The United Nations not only plays host to diplomats from around the world, it offers an exclusive venue for weddings as well. The Delegates Dining Room, on the fourth floor, overlooks the East River in New York City, and a terrace for cocktails has views of Manhattan. If you can manage the price and appreciate the fact that having your wedding on international soil comes with a few logistics, this landmark building will provide a truly memorable experience for you and your guests.

The Logistics

The U.N. does not allow religious ceremonies of any kind, but it does allow non-religious wedding ceremonies. There is a U.N. chapel right across the street for religious weddings. Weekends are preferable, because the building is very busy during the week, though weekday evenings are available. For security, you must provide the names of all your guests to the U.N. two business days in advance.

The Bill

There is a minimum requirement of 150 guests, and the starting price per guest is $279, at the time of publication. The U.N. also requires a security fee. For four hours, the fee is $6,500, at the time of publication.