How to Have a Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Sometimes the thought of having separate bachelor and bachelorette parties can make the bride and groom each a little nervous. Then again one doesn't want to make the other feel that they shouldn't be free to have fun on that "last night of freedom." Having your bachelor and bachelorette parties together can eliminate both of these problems. These next few steps will show you how to have your joint celebrations successfully, without feeling like you are checking up on one another.

Make out your guest list. Of course the people at the top of your list will be your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Be sure to send out invitations to those co-workers and friends closest to you, who want to share this night of fun with you.

Choose your venue. Make sure it's someplace with room to move and let loose. Maybe you know someone with a big backyard and room to spare. Or you could start with a nice dinner out then reserve a couple tables at a local lounge.

Make sure the guys are about the guys and the girls are about the girls. If you're having he party at someone's house, send the boys downstairs for some poker or pool while the girls get comfy upstairs with some margaritas and girl talk.

Consider reserving some hotel rooms. You can have the party right there in your room and nobody worries about how they'll get home.