How to Get Married at the Mohegan Sun

If you want your guests to have a whole weekend, and not just a wedding, and if you want your guests to experience the quaint brilliance of New England, then you must consider getting married at the Mohegan Sun resort and casino. We're talking great rooms, incredible shows, fine cuisine, a solarium, golf courses and top notch wedding services. Here's how to get married at the Mohegan Sun.

Check out the Mohegan Sun website for information on the entire hotel and casino (see Resources below). There you can familiarize yourself with their amenities and see if they make a nice template to surround your vision of your wedding.

Hit the "Weddings" tab (first hit the "Staying" tab on the top of the page, and the "Plan an Event" toward the lower left of the page) and browse their wonderful wedding amenities. Their wedding packages are quite reasonable all things considered (meaning it includes an open bar) and range from $100 a person on up to about $150 if adding a full compliment of extras. There is no chapel at the Mohegan Sun, so your wedding will take place in one of the fine banquet rooms.

Get in touch with the wedding professionals at the Mohegan Sun. It is their job to make the day you are married utterly memorable and they will be more than happy to do so. After selecting a date and time, they will direct you to local vendors in the areas of music, floral, attire and more. Those items will be contracted outside of the hotel, which is nice as it gives you greater flexibility to create the mosaic of your special day.

Secure a room block. If you have enough guests (quantities vary based upon day of the week and time of the year), you should get a room block for your hotel guests. They will save an average of 10 percent on the rooms. Because Mohegan Sun is on a reservation, there are no other hotels within a few miles. This keeps the prices of the rooms somewhat inflated in regards to others in the area. If your guests are more frugal minded (as rooms can run upwards of $400 on a prime Saturday night) have them check Expedia or Travelocity. There are plenty of bargains within 10 miles of the hotel. Traffic is generally light making the drive to the casino about 10 minutes.

Arrange travel to Mohegan Sun. Mohegan Sun is easily accessed off Interstate 395 in Connecticut. Also, both Bradley International Airport (located north of Hartford) and Providence airport (which is actually a touch closer) provide great options on flights. If the train is your thing, buses run from the New Haven train station frequently, directly to the casino.

Touch base with the wedding professionals at Mohegan Sun to finalize the plans of your day. Since so many weddings occur on the premises, it never hurts to double check things to make sure that your wishes are executed to the fullest. Also, taking the time to meet them in person will help familiarize both parties before your wedding.

Have fun and get married. It's your special day, relax and let the people you hired do their job. You've got enough to worry about. The professional staff at the Mohegan Sun will certainly make your day memorable.