How to Get Curly Hair Overnight

A lot of women with straight hair go to great lengths to have a curly hairstyle. Achieving this look with a curling iron or other heat styling tool is convenient because it takes only minutes to create curls. However, over time such tools and the heat they use can significantly damage hair. Many women choose an alternative way to transform straight hair -- curling it overnight with the use of non-heating rollers.

Remove any tangles from damp hair using your usual hair brush.

Separate hair into sections that are each about 1 inch thick.

Wrap the end of one section under and around a roller. Keeping winding the hair around as your move the roller up towards the scalp.

Stick a hair roller pin all the way through the roller and fasten it under your hair so that it keeps the roller in place against the scalp.

Repeat steps 4 and 5 on each section of hair.

Put on a sleeping cap or sleep net for the hair to cover the rollers and keep them from coming loose while the hair sets. You are now ready to go sleep.

Remove the rollers when you wake up by pulling out the pins and unwinding hair as you move the roller down the hair's length.