How to Get an Oakley Ear Rubber On

Oakley ear rubber, or ear socks, are tightly fitting rubber-like tubes which fit over the temples of sunglasses. The socks provide comfort and help avoid slippage. The socks are made of what Oakley, Inc., calls Unobtainium, a material that grips better when moist.

Remove the old ear sock tubes by pulling the ends up and over the small retaining lip on the temple of the glasses. Roll the ear socks slightly between your fingers from side to side while pulling gently. Work the socks back toward the end of the temples and remove.

Install new Oakley ear socks by slipping the tubes over the end of the temples. Slightly moisten the temples with water and a small amount of soap to help the socks slide on more easily. Remember that water increases the tackiness of the socks.

Work the ear socks forward until they are correctly positioned on the temples. Wipe any excess soapy water from the temples before wearing.